Lend, trade, gain.

Nanodex's innovative protocol brings significant opportunities to the markets and empowers the ability to select from a variety of supported assets for lending, leveraged trading, and borrowing funds.

What is Nanodex?

The Nanodex Token ($NDEX) is a community focused reflection and governance token.

  • Trade long and short positions.
  • Leverage up to 5x.
  • Lend any of multiple assets.
  • Nanodex Staking Rewards.
  • Stake iTokens & earn interest.
  • 1% Transaction fee split between all NDEX token holders.

Presale ends in


Claim 3500 $NDEX

  • Check our verified contract
  • Listing on Pancakeswap on August 1, 2022
  • Refer and Get 50% $NDEX token & 20% BNB per each new friend purchase.
  • Listing Price 0.02 USD !
  • Your friend buy 50000 NDEX You receive 50% NDEX and 20% BNB!

Buy presale

  • Minimum Buy = 0.25 BNB
  • Maximum Buy = 5 BNB
  • Sale Price: 0.25 BNB = 35,000 $NDEX
  • Your friends who buy through your link you get 50% $NDEX token & 20% BNB commission


Our milestones we are going towards rapidly to achieve


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Our hard working team

Jonas N. P.

Chief Executive Officer

With an extensive background in finance, Johan dove into cryptocurrency trading in 2017. Now he is launching Nanodex.

Magnus Quist


Magnus has been a webdeveloper since 2012 and transisted into blockchain in 2019. He already has a couple of successful projects under his belt.

Crypto ape

Community/content manager

In the digital marketing space for 5 years. Has been a longterm partner of Johan

Edward Garcia

Financial advisor